Shane Barnard & Shane Everett God Did Chords Capo No
F7 and G7

F7 G7
Growing up I overheard all the grown ups saying
F7 G7 F7
You better be praying and saying all the right little
things at the right little times and I had it down
F7 G7 F7 G7
at least on the outside I put my best side forward
F7 G7
I could smile with the best and dressed like the rest
F7 G7
of the messed up church folk singing the songs
*For chorus slide from 3rd fret E string to the 8th fret on the same 

C(8th fret), Am7(5th fret), F7, G7

C Am7
Are you sitting down
F7 G7
With all your sin and shame all stored up
C Am7
Are you ready to live
F7 G7
For what the law could not do God did
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